Pluralsight  Author Tools

My current full-time role as a Product Designer at Pluralsight has lead to designing a lot of fun net-new products for the company. I work cross-functionally with my Product Manager, Tech Lead and engineering team to bring Pluralsight products to our content creators (authors). Authors currently log into a number of disparate tools, which can create several inefficiencies. Our PXT focuses on consolidating those tools aligns with our best practices for external products.

Product cycles at Pluralsight are iterative, which means they never end. Our team is continuously improving our products to facilitate our mission and improve the user experience. As the tech landscape continues to change, technologists have an ever-expanding pool of partners from which they can choose to create content. Our product experience team is continuously improving every part of the authoring experience because it’s central to our success as a company. Here's what that looks like. 


✅  Surfaced visualization of video course and payment data that was previously in Tableau

✅  Provided learner feedback for an author to assess sentiment

✅  Gave authors the ability to manage the profile that is shown to the learner community