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Pregnancy Meditation App

While I was pregnant with my daughter Penelope, I discovered the power of mindfulness. I used several mobile apps to help me meditate, visualize, sleep, breathe and even get through my unmedicated birth and lower my pain levels. This peaked my interest in designing a concept for a mobile app that's inclusive for all kinds of birthing experiences and journeys. I researched the role gender and identity play into the kind of care a birthing person experiences. Fertility, pregnancy and birthing is one of the most vulnerable experiences a person can go through.


Through my research, I found a lack of empathy for marginalized birthing people in digital products. There is no one right or average way of conceiving or carrying a baby. I decided to focus my design around gathering data that could provide a more empathetic digital support solution for this marginalized group of baby makers. This data can then be used to tailor more helpful content to the user.

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