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SongMe is my brainchild that threw me into product design. I designed SongMe as a simple and fun way to build, create, and discover songs for social video. I saw a lack of accessible quality music in the content creation market and strived to solve that problem with a mobile app that could generate an original song without any music production by the user. My first iteration of SongMe was done in Photoshop before I knew anything about user experience. I used every bit of my graphic design knowledge to mock up a few screens then began wondering what this would look like as an actual product. I organized a board of advisors who had a collective 25+ years of product knowledge and spent 11 months implementing their guidance while fundraising for the engineering. This is where I learned about human centered design and fell in love with product. 


Eventually my user research proved this to be an invalid solution and chalked up SongMe as a passion project that helped me understand the world of product. ​

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