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The concept for SpoonMe came from a friend who was leading the engineering behind this idea. Though SpoonMe never went into production, this was the first entrepreneurship venture were I was able to work cross-functionally with engineering. We met every Sunday at 6am at a local Starbucks and went through user stories, user journeys, and discussion guides. We did three user interviews and used the data synthesized from them to create an MVP web app. 


✅  Discover trending problems within the recipe/cooking community. Define who our users could be. 


✅  The largest problem amongst this demographic is that they don’t have an all in one place to store and share recipes online. Our users are Gen X and Y with internet skills and accessibility. They use Pinterest weekly and pay for at least 2 online subscriptions a month amongst various domains.  


​ ✅  “Early adopters” mostly use Allrecipes, Google and Pinterest to find recipes but don’t currently store them anywhere. 

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