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Jessica Frech Knowles

Senior Product Designer

Poser Skater Mom

DIY Home Renovator 

Star Wars Obsess-er


I'm a human centered product designer and thinker.


As a Nashville native, naturally I found my love for design through music.


My product design experience spans through the music industry, SAAS space, and currently the ed tech space at Pluralsight where I've spent the last four years.


Outside of design, I live with my partner and three daughters in the Salt Lake City area, enjoy coffee, run a small skateboard e-commerce shop, and spend most of my time learning to remodel our 1917 bungalow.

Technology that respects human experience is beautiful, magical, and delightful. It just works. It’s intuitive. It’s invisible. It recedes into the background of your life. It gives you joy.

Let's work together

I'm interested  in Gaming, Women's Health, CannaTech,  Inclusion Efforts, or Design Tools.

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