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Happy Beeps

Happy Beeps is a concept that I designed while going through the VSchool Experience Design bootcamp in Salt Lake City. I was given a few days to put together this project to showcase my learnings from the class. I wanted to be passionate about my bootcamp project... so naturally, I designed a Star Wars affirmation mobile app. In just a few days I designed low-fi wireframes, discussion guides, and user interviews. I then synthesized the quantitive and qualitative data I received from my user tests, user interviews, and card sort tests into a clickable MVP prototype in Invision. I wrapped up this course by presenting my findings to my cohort.


Check out the screenshots below for a fun look into how Happy Beeps was made.


✅  Card sort test verified my hypothesis for information architecture

✅  First click user test passed by 88% with testers finding the correct content with a given prompt

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 5.47.46 PM.png
Happy Beeps Customer Journey - Week
Happy Beeps Customer Journey - Week 4 (1
00 - Logo.jpg
03 - Buttons.jpg
04 - Icons.jpg
IMG_7946 2.JPG
IMG_4140 2.jpg
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