Happy Beeps iPhone App

Project: Happy Beeps Mobile App

Role: UX/UI, Prototyping, User Research & Testing

November 20, 2018


Happy Beeps is a mobile app that is currently in testing. If you're a Star Wars fan and would like to take part in testing so that Happy Beeps can reach the right users, please take the three-minute test below. There are no correct answers. I just want to gauge user behavior so I know how to build Happy Beeps the best way possible. Thanks for your help!


Wanna see where it all started? Happy Beeps is in its first iteration with a series of user tested blockframes and wireframes behind it. Just check out the screenshots below for a fun look into how Happy Beeps was made.

Happy Beeps Moble App Blockframe
Happy Beeps Mobile App Wireframe
Happy Beeps Mobile App UI