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Pluralsight  Author Opportunities

Business Objective

Become the best-in-class tech leader platform that enables customers to increase their tech skills by delivering the best content, experiences, and insights.

Research + Exploration


😐  Pluralsight authors aren’t aware of content needs resulting in stagnation between opportunities and slow time to commission.

😡  The Pluralsight author pool is vastly underutilized resulting in author frustration, lack of trust, and turn over to competitors.
😐  Top earning authors are given a majority of opportunities causing a lack of freshness and diversity in our content library.

The Solution

A net new product that surfaced our curriculum needs with a “job application” interface for authors.


✅  Improved content time to commission

✅  Improved author ROI by launching an expertise experience that gives us a holistic picture of what authors can teach, what they’re interested in working on and their preferred content modality

✅  Displayed previously curtained opportunities to authors so they can apply directly for more work on a level playing field

✅  Surfaced recommended opportunities that are based off an author’s expertise

✅  82% content coverage

✅  75% course freshness

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